We "BLUE IMPULSE Jr. cheering party" offers...

@The Introduction of BLUE IMPULSE Jr.@

"BLUE IMPULSE" is aerobatics team most famous for Japan, that belongs to Matsushima Air Base, 4th Air Wing of JASDF
(Japan Air Self Defense Force). And "BLUE IMPULSE Jr." is a motorbike team which the engine Mechanics of Matsushima Air Base began.

They spend their private time, put the model of "BLUE IMPULSE" on the motorbike, and repeated practice of a formation run.
And when appearing on an event, They have a pilot's dress on and show a very fine and comical demonstration.

"BLUE IMPULSE Jr." has ten years or more of history, and is appearing on 100 times or more of events.
They appeared in base events of Japanese Self Defense Force, and AEROBATICS Japan, Indy Japan, etc.

If you click here, their performance can be seen on a "Windows Media Video" movie.
If you need more information, please see a JASDF homepage and contact the public-relations person of Matsushima Air Base.