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Dear all pilotsF

One acrobat team is fighting for survival at present. Your support messages will save the acrobat team.

Do you know the acrobat team called "Blue Impulse Junior"?
They always participate in AEROBATICS JAPAN held by FAI and showed us their fantastic acrobat with
airplanes that were converted from motorcycles.

==> About "Blue Impulse Jr." (English Page)

The team members work at Matsushima airbase of the Japan Air Self-Defense Force.
And they practice for acrobat training as a club activity at work.
I am a private citizen who acts as a representative of their supporter team (support team).

Since Tsunami by the great earthquake has hit Matsushima airbase in 11 March this year, the all
airplanes and helicopters and vehicles were swept away.
Muddy water brought a catastrophe to many airplanes by flowing into the airplane engines and Avionics.

The airplanes (motorcycles) for the team will be scrapped because they cannot be repaired.
And Matsushima airbase must purchase something more important than the new airplanes (motorcycles).

They have been playing an active role in the recovery operation as a member of the Self-Defense Forces.
And they never forget the pride as an acrobat pilot.

I surely hope they will show us their fantastic acrobat again by acquiring new airplanes (motorcycles)

I have a favor to ask for all pilots. We would like you to send us your message for them.
Please make a picture image of your E-mail with your signature and attach it to your E-mail.
We will exhibit your E-mail in our Web site.

Please contact if you have any message for them.

Thank you and GOD bless you.

MOVIE and PHOTO is here. (Japanese Page)

==> Their acrobat demonstration (You Tube)

==> TV Program about Matsushima airbase (You Tube)

==> oh! my GOD!